SmartImprove is an IT school that aims to give talented people the opportunity to get the best education in the field of IT while offering affordable prices and guaranteeing employment.

We are open-minded and people-oriented. Our coaches are highly motivated professionals with great experience in mentorship and training. Our mission is to provide direction for your further development as a real IT specialist.

You can select areas close to your preferences: Software Testing, Testing Automation, PHP, Java, Web (HTML, CSS, JS basics), JavaScript.

You will be offered a significant amount of theory, technology, and methodology that will make a positive contribution to your career progression. Our coaches devote a lot of time to practical tasks, so our students do not obtain only “bare” theory.

During the classes all theoretical knowledge will be secured in practice. After the training you will be able to successfully pass an interview and get a job in IT industry.

Give it a shot. Make a step towards your success now!